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Bachelor thesis

2020 - Design & Development

Bachelor thesis

For our bachelor thesis, we had to collaborate with a real client. Our client was NEXT festival, an international contemporary arts festival.
The project was a group assignment, I worked together with Wout Vanneste and Arno Baert.
Take a look at the Behance page to see what our solution is all about!


2019 - Development

T(AR)sty Visit the website

During the first term of my third year, we were given six weeks to work on a personal project related to development.
I've always been a big fan of VR and AR, so I decided to use this time to experiment with it.
The end is a mobile application with which you can scan a menu card and visualise the dishes using AR. The app is build using Unity.
Take a look at the promo video

Bring Your Own Beamer

2019 - Design & Development

As a third year student, majoring in development, we got the amazing opportunity to participate in the BYOB hackaton.
We were given the facade of Hangar K as our 50m wide canvas to showcase our talents. My group and I created a simple game where you can race against another person. The faster you can click the glowing button, the faster your color creates triangles. In this way we could integrate interactivity with some simple, but nice visuals.
Want to know more about how we wrote the code? Check out the GitHub repo here: Github repo

Kind en Gezin

2019 - Design

Kind en Gezin Visit the website

Our goal was to design an app to make the lives of young mothers easier. The client in this case was Kind & Gezin

Halloweenparty JH 't Molentje

2019 - Design

Halloweenparty JH 't Molentje

Poster design for the halloweenparty of my local youth club.

MA4 - Opera Ballet Vlaanderen

2019 - Design and Development

MA4 - Opera Ballet Vlaanderen Visit the website

Our last Major Assignment of the second year. This project was a collaboration between Hogeschool Rotterdam and Devine.
The project itself was a group project, where we worked in a team of 4.
The site itself is an interactive opera game. It consists of a minimum of 3 screens, the player, admin and projection screen. (site/admin, site/projectie).
My main job in this project was the Development part.
The website is a react application hosted on Heroku. It uses socket.io for real-time communication. All the questions come from a MongoDB database, where the answers also get stored.

MA3 - Internationaal Straattheater Beveren

2019 - Design and Development

MA3 - Internationaal Straattheater Beveren Visit the website

The first Major of my second year Devine. We needed to create a new site for the 'Internationaal Straattheater Beveren', since their site was horribly outdated. This was the first assignment where we made a responsive site.

Print Your Own City

2018 - UX & front-end development

Print Your Own City Visit the website

I did some basic development work, writing the HTML and CSS, along with creating the interaction animations on the website.

Drawing of a friend

2018 - Design

Drawing of a friend

A drawing I made of my friend, in order to sharpen my skills with Illustrator.

Pew Pew Zombie

2018 - Development

Pew Pew Zombie Visit the website

Our first development project that wasn't a solo project. We had to team up with a partner to learn how to work on a codebase with multiple people. The game itself is created with Phaser. The goal is to survive as long as possible, whilst shooting all the zombies.


2018 - Design and Development

MA2 - BXL Visit the website

The last Major Assignment of my first year Devine. Here we had to create a site for our created tour operator around Brussel. Functionality wise, the website needed a rating system, shopping cart and checkout system. It is created with PHP, CSS, HTML and Javascript.

MA2 - Incredible Collectible

2018 - Design and Development

MA2 - Incredible Collectible Visit the website

The third Major of my first year Devine. This time the assignment was to create a website about a weird collection of items.

MA1 - What In a Day

2017 - Design and Development

MA1 - What In a Day Visit the website

The second Major of my first year. Here we had to choose a special day from fijnedagvan.nl and design and develop a website about it.

MA1 - My Crib

2017 - Design and Development

MA1 - My Crib Visit the website

My very first Major in my Devine career. The goal was to create a website which showcases your ideal vacation 'crib'.